Cube Medica

Cube Medica is an accredited manufacturer and distributor of medical equipment and supplies made to the highest standards of quality and safety. The product range is available globally, with prompt delivery of requested quantities and after-sales advisory services. The challenge The entering of a new brand in a specialized market with strict standards is always a challenge. From creating the visual identity, establishing the branding strategy, sketching the web design elements, every step was designed to build a credible and strong player in the market of medical equipment manufacturers and suppliers. The specificity of this sector places great emphasis on reputation and quality, including the online interface. Branding Establishing a visual identity involves finding that balance between the harmony of visual elements and relevance to the target public. The business model of Cube Medica is a B2B, so the demands are high, especially when it comes to a business partner with no history. The first impression is very important, the visual identity being also the first element with which potential


Doxa Gardens

Doxa Gardens – find the perfect place to call home in the newest premium residential complex in the capital that promises comfort, elegance and refinement. In the Doxa Gardens complex you benefit from all the facilities and you are connected to the urban infrastructure of Bucharest. Challenge Before creating a website we always try to understand the needs of the customer and the goals they want to achieve. And the challenge of this project was to create a simple, attractive website that would catch the user’s attention from the first interaction, as when they walk for the first time in their future home. Step by step, we managed to outline a quality, easy to use and elegant website, with features adapted to current technology, so that it is responsive and user-friendly. Visual identity A website is considered good quality if the design is as attractive as the content. And the first step in shaping the brand identity was to design a unique logo and integrate it into the website layout.


Clinica Eminescu 100

Clinica Eminescu 100 – the most modern multidisciplinary medical clinic in Bucharest, offers its patients high quality medical services, diagnoses and personalized treatments. 22 specializations and 20 years of experience are the basis for treating each case to help patients regain their health and adopt a healthy and physically and emotionally balanced lifestyle. The challenge As more and more people are getting their information online in this digital age, the challenge was to establish a connection between the Clinica Eminescu 100 and its patients, offering them a pleasant medical experience. Our mission was to give our client an online voice that inspired confidence and trust to future patients. The mission of the Clinica Eminescu 100 portal is to inform the public, to educate them and to offer each patient a complete medical experience, at a new level of efficiency. Therefore, from the creation of the visual identity, to the creation of the website and continuing with the communication in the online medium, we aimed to ensure a top position in



What did the client want? Being an international client, Wunderino was a real challenge for the SEO department. The client wanted, first of all, an increase in organic traffic and the number of organic registrations, but also a top 5 ranking in Google, on certain highly competitive keywords, with a search volume exceeding 12,000 searches. What was our solution? It all started with a series of preliminary analyzes, based on which the SEO strategy was established. Thus, the markets of Germany and Japan were analyzed, then a collection of keywords relevant to the customer’s business was compiled, followed by the identification of data about competitors that helped the team correctly estimate the level of effort required to achieve the objectives. The next preliminary step was a technical analysis of the website, from a SEO point of view. During this step, the team used a professional SEO tool to access the website’s pages and register relevant SEO parameters. A relevant SEO strategy also involves analyzing data from the Google Search Console



Unibet.com is one of the largest online sports betting websites in the world, offering a variety of types of games for millions of users. Challenge Creating at least 15 Unibet mini-websites for better search engine rankings, both locally and internationally. The challenge was to keep in mind that UniBet is a large entity that has been developing and implementing SEO strategies for many years, and, therefore, it was all the more interesting for us to come up with solutions that bring impactful results. Web development A mini-website refers to a one-page website through which Unibet aimed to direct potential customers to a particular offer. Unlike traditional websites, these mini-websites are made up of a single website that uses a direct marketing approach. The Danco Vision team was tasked with creating 15 mini-websites for Unibet, and the project was completed successfully and in a timely manner. SEO optimization SEO On-page and Off-page optimization have improved the ranking of the website in search engines. In order to get a better position on



UniCredit Bank is a leading European banking financial institution, a member of the UniCredit group, with a network of 8,500 branches in 17 European countries and is present in another 50 international markets. The project we carried out together was a customized online application,for the purpose of granting loans for goods.  Challenge Our client needed a standardized solution that they could make available to all their partners (stores, hypermarkets, etc.). It had to be responsive and perfectly optimized for mobile devices, to interconnect with the beneficiary’s back-end applications and, at the same time, to ensure the necessary security for such a tool. Our designers have worked to combine the complexity of the functionalities necessary for one of the most advanced banking and consumer finance systems in Romania, with a Web 2.0 design. In this project, we have developed unique features for such an application: – Possibility to use the camera of mobile devices to provide the identity card; – Automatic OCR-ization of identity card data and pre-completion of the corresponding



Challenge The customer wanted a presentation website that describes the modern services and technical solutions they offer, through the original content and an accessible and user-friendly interface. We started with a WordPress template, over which we came up with custom layouts and rewrote the HTML implementation. We opted for the dynamic elements and we supported the synthesis of the information in the most concise and accessible way possible to the user. Also, we could not omit the introduction of usability and call-to-actions elements. SEO optimization SEO On-page optimization has improved the website’s presence in search engines. In order to gain a better position on Google, the Danco Vision team conducted a complex analysis, resulting in the optimization of the most relevant keywords, elements that contribute to the organic growth of the total number of visitors to the website. Also, in addition to creating contentaccording to the SEO rules, we worked on the realization of the multi-language functionality, this being a bilingual site. The results began to appear in a relatively



OllieGangShop – The coolest SUPRA, CARHARTT, ASICS, NIKE, NEW BALANCE collections and other original streetwear brands What did the client want? OllieGangShop was already a well-known name in the Romanian eCommerce market in the Underground niche. But the shop owners wanted more. They saw their products with a wider addressability than they had been able to achieve so far, and they needed an online marketing strategy that would change the public’s perception of their shop and increase their sales. What was our solution? It doesn’t seem hard to get what OllieGangShop wanted, does it? And yet, it had been two years since they had set for themselves this unfulfilled goal. But we like challenges. We started with the beginning: An extensive branding process involves the building-up of an image that leads to a good reputation. For this purpose, we provided the client with external PR services, together with bloggers to present the new direction of the shop. We continued with copywriting services at the level of the beneficiary’s blog and



Knauf is an internationally renowned manufacturer of construction materials. Our customer wanted a complex website that combines a 100% customized platform and a complex database for better future management in the back-end department. Challenge The challenge was to make the website according to the German model in terms of design, but with features adapted to current technology, so as to be responsive and user-friendly. Subsequently, we took care of adding the beneficiary’s products and systems. Intensive documentation was needed, as they had special features and required increased technical attention. Technical elements We had to introduce a dynamic map with the positioning of the distributors, add a product catalog that is constantly updated through a visualization tool directly on the website and, at the same time, work on a design that fits them all in the most efficient way possible. SEO We adapted the original content according to the most effective SEO rules, meant to place the customer as high as possible in the search engine hierarchy and we optimized the


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Magic Salons

With 18 salons in Bucharest and Ilfov and an online store, Magic Salons are among the biggest competitors on the beauty market. We see to create and optimize the best Performance Marketing campaigns, through which to achieve top results.

We manage to reach relevant public and turn visitors into leads and customers, through a lot of campaigns: from Google Ads with Search, Video, Display and Shopping Ads, to Facebook Ads, Remarketing and Lookalike.

Get's Bet

Together with Get’s Bet, we do not rely on luck when developing communication campaigns, but on the 3600know-how.

Whether it’s Social Media, SEO or PPC campaigns, we keep the unity in communication to make sure we achieve our goals. And because we are talking about one of the most competitive industries, the challenges (but also the successes) are commensurate with the events and shows we relate to.

Get's Bet

Together with Get’s Bet, we do not rely on luck when developing communication campaigns, but on the 3600know-how.

Whether we are talking about Social Media, SEO or PPC campaigns, we keep the unity in communication to make sure we achieve our goals. And because we are talking about one of the most competitive industries, the challenges (but also the successes) are commensurate with the events and shows we relate to.


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