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SEO Optimization – Essential for your success 

Danco Vision started in 2006 as a successful SEO Agency and although search engine algorithms and SEO optimization have changed, our agency has adapted in real time to the new requirements, managing to achieve better performance year after year with our SEO service for all our clients, regardless of their industry. 

Nowadays, being present online is no longer optional, it has become essential. But an online presence isn’t just about having a website; it’s about that website being visible, accessible and relevant. This is where SEO optimization comes in. A well-crafted Search Engine Optimization strategy can be the difference between being a footnote in a digital ocean and being a recognized leader in your niche. 

The SEO strategies we develop at Danco Vision are customized for each client’s specific needs. There are no one-size-fits-all solutions, only strategies tailored to the needs and targets of each individual business. Our goal is for your website to end up where your potential customers are looking for it: at the top of search engine results for the most relevant keywords in the industry in which your business operates. 

But strategy is only part of the equation. It requires experience, knowledge and dedication to achieve. Our client-focused team understands the complexities of today’s digital landscape. We’re here to guide you, offer solutions and help you navigate the SEO challenges. We provide both our experience and the tools we have to help you get more website traffic, more visitor engagement and, most importantly, more sales from your online activities. 

For any business or website, SEO optimization is essential to ensure success in the digital world. Danco Vision is here to make sure that this path to success is not only achievable, but also sustainable in the long run. 

SEO services that fit firmly into your integrated digital marketing strategy! 

 As an SEO agency, we offer our valued clients the highest quality SEO service packages. Leave the rest to us, because our experts are trained in the latest SEO guidelines for search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo, and our results speak for themselves. 

SEO – Continuous optimization and advanced reports 

We provide detailed reports to evaluate the SEO performance of your website. We also provide you with traffic information, the most searched keywords and comprehensive reviews of your search engine activity. 

Why is SEO an Ongoing Process? 

Constant changes in algorithms: Search engines frequently update their algorithms to provide more relevant results to users. To stay on top, SEO optimization needs to keep up with these changes. 

Evolving user behavior: The way people search for information online is constantly changing. SEO strategies need to reflect these changes to attract and maintain the attention of your target audience. 

Competition in the online environment: New businesses appear online every day. To maintain or improve rankings, it is essential to constantly review and adapt SEO strategies. 

Advanced reports – Understanding your digital evolution 

To help you navigate through the complexities of SEO, Danco Vision provides detailed reports that clearly shows your site’s performance. But these reports aren’t just numbers and charts. They’re tools that help you understand the depth: 

Traffic analytics. See who’s visiting your site, where they’re coming from, and which pages attract them most. 

Keywords with highest search volume. Find out what terms users use to find your services or products, giving you valuable clues on how to improve your content and offering. 

Search engine activity. Understand your positioning and visibility in search engines to identify opportunities and areas for improvement. 

At Danco Vision, we’re committed to giving you the insight and tools you need to understand and influence how your website and business thrive in the digital world. SEO optimization with us isn’t just a task on a checklist; it’s an ongoing partnership toward success. 

The on-page SEO services we offer will provide the necessary foundation for your website to rank in the top searches and thus reach your audience easier. We implement effective solutions and turn your marketing content into one where keywords will make it accessible to search engines. 

What do on page SEO services mean? 

On-page SEO services are not just about integrating keywords into content, but about complex optimization including internal site structure, meta tags, load time and more. It’s about creating quality content that is relevant and accessible to both visitors and search engines. This process requires expertise and in-depth domain knowledge, and that’s exactly the value Danco Vision brings to its clients. 

Danco Vision: Expertise and results in On Page SEO Optimization 

We’re dedicated to your digital success. Danco Vision’s On Page SEO services will provide the foundation for your website to rank in the top searches, so your potential customers can easily find you. We work hand-in-hand with you to implement effective solutions, transforming your marketing content into one where keywords and other SEO elements will make it perfectly accessible to search engines. 

In addition, we pride ourselves on always staying on top of the latest search engine trends and requirements. SEO is not static. Just as algorithms change and adapt, so do our strategies. Danco Vision makes sure your website stays competitive and current, giving you the edge you need in today’s online landscape. 

Link building is an essential element in an effective Off Page SEO strategy, as the quality and credibility of a site comes not only from what it offers directly, but also from how it is seen by other authoritative sites. We help you get relevant links so that users can find you more easily in search engines by ranking higher. 

The role of link building in Off Page SEO Optimization 

Link building is undoubtedly the heart of your Off Page SEO strategy. It’s not just about quantity, it’s also about quality. The quality and credibility of a site comes not only from its own content, but also from how it is referenced by other authoritative sites in the field. This is proof that your site is considered valuable and trusted in the online community. 

Danco Vision: your trusted partner in increasing site authority 

At Danco Vision, we don’t treat link building as a routine task. With a team of dedicated specialists, we are committed to increasing your site’s authority by getting high-quality links from highly trusted and authoritative sites. Regardless of your niche, we have the connections and expertise to identify the right partners, ensuring that the links you get are relevant and valuable to your audience. 

Thanks to our close partnerships and personalized approach, Danco Vision is able to provide Off Page SEO strategies that will propel your site to the top of the search rankings. Through link building and other Off Page SEO techniques, we ensure that users will not only find you easier in search engines, but also see you as an authority in your field. 

We get you to the top of geographically relevant searches with a strategy that sends the right outbound signals about location, inbound links, on-page signals and more. Thus, through a specific and locally targeted ranking, your company will reach exactly your target audience. Choose to be present on Google My Business. 

Why is Local SEO vital? 

Whether you’re a small business or a large one, geographic relevance is key to connecting with your community. Customers are looking for quick solutions nearby – whether it’s a local restaurant, an auto repair shop or a medical clinic. Local SEO ensures that when someone does a search specific to their area, your business appears at the top of the results, increasing the chances of conversion. 

How does Danco Vision contribute to your local success? 

At Danco Vision, we perfected the art of Local SEO. Through our strategies, we not only help you send the right signals to search engines about your location, but we also strengthen your presence through relevant inbound links and targeted on-page optimization. We work with you to understand your specific business and target audience so that all SEO efforts are directed towards connecting with the right people, in the right place. 

Another crucial step in our strategy is optimization on Google My Business. By doing this, we not only make you more visible to local searches, but also provide essential information about your business directly in search results, encouraging potential customers to contact you or visit your physical location. 


App Store Optimization is the component of SEO optimization that refers to optimizing your mobile app and to gain better rankings in user searches in the App Store or Google Play Store. The higher your app will appear in searches, the higher its organic visibility will increase. And we can implement the best ASO strategy to get you there. 

Why is ASO so important? 

Imagine online stores like Google Play or the App Store as huge digital libraries. Users browse in search of apps, but are more likely to download those apps that are at the top of lists or recommended by algorithms. In other words, ASO can be compared to having the best shelf position in a bookstore, where every visitor sees you first. 

How does Danco Vision help? 

While the concept of ASO may be new to many users, Danco Vision has pioneered this area and understands its depth. We realise that ASO is not just about entering the right keywords or creating attractive images. It’s a mix of analyzing user behavior, understanding app store algorithms, and applying a custom strategy to each individual app. 

With our expertise, app developers can be guided step-by-step to optimise their creations to rank at the top. Danco Vision not only provides the ASO service, but also educates clients to understand its importance so they can maximize their chances of long-term success. 

Online, there are several search engines. Although we tend to consider only what Google offers us, we need to know that we can search for information elsewhere. In terms of popularity among users, the October 2023 report stands as follows. 

Google – 91.53% 

Bing – 3.13% 

Yandex – 1.83% 

Yahoo! – 1.21% 

Baidu – 1.02% 

    Choose Danco Vision SEO Agency for top positions in Google

    With a little patience, a lot of effort and extensive know-how, the SEO services offered by Danco Vision will help increase the relevance of your website in front of Google and other search engines for specific keywords relevant to your field of activity.

    Nothing is impossible! Because we use the most powerful SEO tools, premium, globally recognized tools and have some of the greatest SEO experts on our team, we can easily identify problems that are not visible to the naked eye and can carry out a complete SEO optimization strategy based on a detailed analysis, without omitting any relevant ranking factor. 

    Choose a successful SEO agency! Together, let’s convince Google that your business deserves top positions in search results! Choose SEO performance, choose Danco Vision SEO Agency, choose proof of results, not sales pitches! 

    Purpose and factors influencing results

    Danco Vision offers you, through its SEO optimization service, a complete and rigorous analysis, tailored to the specifics of your website and the ways in which it can be optimized from this point of view to meet your needs. 

    The goal is clear: the best possible ranking on the first page of Google search, website optimization using the desired keywords and attracting organic traffic. However, the results of optimisation depend on several factors that need to be taken into account: 

    The competitiveness of your niche 

    The current state of your website (whether it is well optimised or not) 

    Your wishes 

    How long can this process take and what are the steps? 

    SEO is still considered one of the most effective practices in digital marketing. That’s why planning and implementing a custom SEO strategy are vital steps for any business looking to evolve online. But, a perfect website optimization is a lengthy process.  

    Depending on the level of optimization of the site, the difficulty of the niche in which the site operates and other factors, the optimization process can take anywhere from two weeks to a month. Here are the steps that DancoVision, as an SEO agency, performs for each project. 

    How long can this process take and what are the steps?

    SEO is still considered one of the most effective practices in digital marketing. That’s why planning and implementing a custom SEO strategy are vital steps for any business looking to evolve online. But, a perfect website optimization is a lengthy process. 

    Depending on the level of optimization of the site, the difficulty of the niche in which the site operates and other factors, the optimization process can take anywhere from two weeks to a month. Here are the steps that DancoVision, as an SEO agency, performs for each project. 

    How does the SEO process work?

    • First we perform a complete analysis of your website (we perform an on-page audit) 
    • We analyze your industry competitors and their SEO practices (off-page audit) 
    • Post-analysis, we provide you with a ranking plan in which we make recommendations for quick and easy results as well as recommendations for results using difficult keywords.

      All of this is done within the first few weeks of working with Danco Vision as your SEO agency. 

    What are the performance indicators? How long does it take to see results?

    Depending on the specifics of each client and their wishes, niche and budget, considerable results can be seen even after the first 2 months of collaboration. 

     There are hundreds of indicators that can be analysed. Google currently uses over 200 ranking factors in its algorithm. It is vital to know these factors in order to understand what actions need to be taken to get a site to the top of the search engines. Performance indicators of a website include: 

     Organic traffic 

    Ranking of keywords used 

    Website click-through rate 

    Bounce rate (rate of users visiting the site and leaving without further interaction) 

    Other on-page and off-page SEO factors 

    In collaboration with Danco Vision, in order to see the monthly results of the efforts undertaken, each client receives a monthly performance report. 

    The report contains the performance indicators presented above, along with other relevant information for full transparency of the SEO process. 

    The emergence of more and more eCommerce businesses and increasing competitiveness in this sector has led to the need for SEO development. As a result of this development, most users want to interact online with various brands according to their own needs, looking for personalised experiences and services. 

    One thing is certain – in order to keep your brand competitive, you need to optimise your online presence to develop your visibility, relevance and availability to potential customers. How can you achieve these things? By requesting an SEO strategy for your website! 

    The advantage of SEO is that it’s more affordable than you might think. Understanding the basic concepts and investing in dedicated services can lead to remarkable results for your business, in the long run. 

    Of course, you may have the natural curiosity to ask the question: why is SEO optimization service really important? What are the concrete benefits? We propose that in the following, we go through a list of the main benefits of implementing an SEO strategy and what your brand would gain. 

    Get more customers through organic search

    53.3% of all web traffic comes from organic search. Many digital marketers have found that the best leads come from customers influenced by SEO practices. Why? Because these users are looking for solutions and options for their interests, and your website can meet that need by appearing on the first page of the search engine. 

    Ranking on the first page of Google is necessary to be visible to potential customers. Ranking at the top of the search results can double your click-through rate. We will ensure that we identify and use high search volume keywords to rank your website to attract the right people. If your brand is listed on the first page of Google, this gives your brand better visibility and gives users confidence that you are a source they can rely on. 

    Quality user experience

    Getting on the first page of the search engine and ranking in a top position depends completely on the authority you build. You may already offer the best products and services in your field, but without a quality user experience, once users access your website, it will be increasingly difficult to keep them interested and lower your page bounce rates. 

    That’s why technical SEO elements such as page speed, backlinks and other elements that help increase authority are essential to the success of your online business. Adapting to the rules imposed by search engines significantly helps to keep your site in top shape, and this becomes a priority. 

    With pages that respond promptly to user interactions, security measures in place, and increased visibility, your website only stands to gain. 

    Improving brand awareness

    Brand awarness is an aspect directly related to developing visibility and getting more customers. By indexing your pages on the first page of Google, even if they are not always visited, their mere presence on these top positions guarantees that your brand will become more and more known. 

    This is especially important if you compete with other businesses on certain keywords. It’s desirable to be one of the first choices when users enter questions or search directly for the product or service you offer. If, however, your competition dominates those searches, this should not discourage you. We can help you get to the top of Google’s results! 

    If you’re just starting to explore implementing SEO services for your business, one of the best practices we can help you with is targeting longer variations of certain keywords. For example, instead of trying to rank as high as possible for the search “online accounting services”, we can search for options like “online accounting services for small businesses” or “best online accounting services for small businesses in the southeast”. 

    Indeed, these alternatives won’t generate as much traffic, but we can rank much more easily on these searches than on the shorter, more intuitive and much more competitive alternatives. The more you rank on such longer variations, the higher your domain will rank in the search engine. 

    It’s an easy system to track

    An unpleasant aspect of traditional marketing is the uncertainty of the results following the investment made. For example, a billboard may be noticed by a limited number of people, depending on traffic or area. Advertisements attract monitored views based on the rating system within television. A way in which you are not certain that the viewer is actually in front of the TV. On the other hand, through the prism of digital marketing, SEO is completely quantifiable, and the results provide much more useful detail. 

    While it’s not as straightforward an approach as paid ads, our SEO specialists will find customised and effective solutions for your online domain. 

    They can use tools like Google Search Console to give you a better picture of how users are discovering your brand, what topics you can rank higher on, and where exactly there’s room for improvement. Following a site audit, they can determine which practices, sections and topics need to be addressed, more or less, to increase visibility. 

    SEO helps you stay informed

    Like many other aspects of running an online business, SEO is always changing and adapting. Search engines are updated, various new factors become important, and competitors may be simultaneously working on their own optimization strategies. This means that in order to implement SEO services successfully, you need to stay informed about best practices, solutions and changes. 

    Although the SEO optimization process may involve more work, this is actually a benefit to your business as it keeps you up to date with certain online mechanisms. SEO is directly related to the online environment, which means that many of the changes that take place (algorithm changes, different features, new platforms, etc.) are reflected in the SEO field. 

    It can be done with an affordable budget

    Probably one of the best things about SEO is that it can be relatively cheap to implement. 

    Plus, investing in SEO optimization is a long-term benefit to your business. Practices may change frequently, but the basic processes and strategies associated with SEO should last for many years to come, requiring only minor changes. When done optimally, an SEO optimization can be one of the best long-lasting marketing solutions for your business, providing an ongoing return on your investment. 

    Get relevant traffic, generate conversions and increase your revenue with quality SEO Services!

    Discover the Danco Vision
    SEO results

    Danco Vision’s SEO projects are extremely numerous. Here are just a few examples that can demonstrate our expertise, in industries such as Gambling, Retail, eCommerce, Fashion, Health, Travel, B2B. 


    FAQ Danco Vision

    Frequently asked questions that Danco Vision online marketing agency received 

    Unlike other popular marketing strategies, the effects of SEO are not immediately noticeable. We expect to see results even after 2 months, but SEO can take up to 12 months to work as targeted. While every brand’s SEO strategy differs, most businesses can expect to see considerable results in 6 to 12 months. 

    SEO or Search Engine Optimization is the marketing process by which websites or web pages are optimized and adjusted so that they occupy a better position and get a high visibility in the SERP.Various techniques are used, which make certain keywords to be propelled as well as possible in the list of results given by the search engine.Through these procedures and techniques, organic traffic and conversions are increased. 

    The process of SEO optimization is the practice of adapting the content of a website to rank better on the first page of search engine results (SERP) so that you get more traffic. The goal is usually to rank on the first page of Google results for keywords as relevant as possible to your brand’s target audience. 

    1. Publishing relevant, authoritative content 

    Quality and authoritative content is the main factor that will contribute to higher search engine rankings. Good content cannot be replaced, especially when it comes to SEO standards. It is created specifically for your target audience, increases website traffic, which improves the authority and relevance of your website. 

    2. Update content regularly 

    You’ve probably noticed that there are high standards for the type of content a site posts. It should be informative and updated regularly. It is one of the best indicators of user relevance. 

    3. Regular research 

    Any SEO optimization requires extensive research beforehand. Any Metatitle or Metadescription involves the inclusion of a keyword, resulting from searches made by our specialists. 

    In the digital age, customers are online, which leads to fierce competition. The better your SEO optimization is implemented the more traffic as well as potential customers will access your website. For this reason it is recommended that any business use the highest quality SEO services. 

    Costs when it comes to SEO services vary greatly. From a few hundred euros to tens of thousands. The differentiating factors that lead to these fluctuations are: field of activity, type of services or products, competition and or duration until the first results are seen. 

    The costs for SEO services can be determined more precisely after performing an SEO audit and checking direct competition to establish a strategy and timeframe for the execution of the optimization. 

    Our experience and the multitude of clients in different fields of activity recommend us to be able to make a forecast of the minimum period of SEO promotion. In most cases, the minimum period differs depending on the budget allocated for SEO services. We have found that under normal conditions the minimum period is 6 months. But let’s not forget that SEO optimization is a continuous process and must be done over a long period of time.