What the client wanted?

From the beginning of the collaboration, Credius wanted almost everything we have to offer. As a result, we provided the customer with an “all-in-one” package. From SEO to online promotion, our task was not an easy one, but it was very clear: to grow the Credius brand in everything the online involved.

What was our solution??

The first step was to get the best position in the search engines. Thus, the SEO department has ensured that the customer’s website has an optimal number of keywords, that their density is in optimal parameters and that there is a relevant content in place. This required, in advance, a comprehensive analysis through which we managed to develop the entire SEO strategy and, finally, to grow the organic traffic.

Then came Social Media. We thought it was essential for the Credius brand to interact with its public more effectively and in a more friendly framework. Thus, with an effective promotion on Facebook and Twitter, we managed to bring the Credius brand closer to users. Once online, we took advantage of Google’s tools and started with Google Ads to initiate PPC campaigns that made Credius ads appear faster to users, thus increasing the website traffic. Thanks to the services requested by the customer and our desire to determine a total growth of the Credius brand in the online medium, each member of the Danco Vision team contributed to this project.

What activities did we carry out:

– Visibility ads – Google Display;

– Conversion ads – Google Search;

– Advertising on Facebook with new messages;

– Smart retargeting campaigns;

– Search engine optimization;

– E-mail Marketing;

– Newsletter Automation;

– Social Media Marketing;

– Copywrite for own blog;

– Community Management (Facebook);

– Affiliate Management (2Performant);

– Website Product Management.

The result?

Turning a name into a reputed name!

Although it was not an easy task, the financial market being very complex, we managed to make Credius a strong brand which the customers can rely on and which assist them when they need it. Credius is now on the first page of Google, and the Facebook page has over 32,000 likes.


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