Performance Marketing

Digital Marketing for conversions

We devise multichannel performance marketing strategies that resonate with your brand and your audience. In the online environment, we offer you fully-managed activity plans, strategy and content generation, blogger mobilization and even video content sharing.

All this is available together with other services meant to attract new customers and maximize profitability.

Our success = Your performance

Performance marketing services from Danco Vision are tailored from the client’s perspective while being focused on sales, leads and conversion.

Our unique 360° Performance Marketing concept gives you the possibility to increase awareness about your brand’s products and services as well as to optimize each aspect of digital marketing for your brand.

Performance on Social Media

Advertising results are reflected in the number of retweets, shares, comments, likes and views—in a word, reach. Marketing on Social Media channels encourages content generated by the users of the most popular platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and LinkedIn.

Performance by Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)

Because we have e-Commerce in our blood, we transform your visitors into customers!

With a CRO audit, we devise a structure that can attract as many visitors as possible to your website, before enticing them to say to fill their shopping cart, thus increasing the number of conversions.

The Danco Vision team consists of e-Commerce conversion specialists who have the necessary experience to optimize your online store so that the maximum number of visits to your website conclude with a transaction.

Gain customers, boost your sales and increase your exposure!

With Performance Marketing, we analyze the performance of digital marketing activities. Leave it to us to ensure that—from the sketches and initial ideas through to concepts and implementation—all services are guided only by your business goals!

Here are the Performance Marketing services that we offer, together with detailed information about them and some relevant case studies.

Each click counts! This is why we take great care to implement the best PPC strategies and develop the perfect campaigns to take your brand to the next level. Be they a platform such as Google, Facebook, Waze or LinkedIn or a campaign such as Search, Shopping, Display or Video, the sky is the limit.

Increase your business efficiency by displaying your website in front of your competitors, at the very moment when consumers are searching exactly what you offer. How? Using intelligently-implemented campaigns, precise user targeting and choosing the most efficient keywords. For us, this is our daily bread. Join us!

With a varied mix of tools, Facebook Ads offers a plethora of resources that can help you achieve success on Social Media. What’s more, we can master the ever-changing algorithms and implement campaigns that are best suited to your brand’s target and needs, irrespective of the objective. Choose Danco Vision for success!

Successful partnerships are often essential components of a communication strategy. We even take great care in creating a unified campaign and choosing the right people to be the face of your marketing campaigns, “borrowing” some of their reputation and credibility. All so you can increase awareness while improving image, traffic and conversions.

If you have an e-Commerce business, you have probably faced situations where website visitors terminated their shopping session without becoming a customers. Our specialists will take care to identify any problems that may occur in terms of flow and propose specific solutions so that more visits will end up with a conversion.

Be sure to benefit from the entire database of customers or leads that you have available, using campaigns that are tailored to inform, convert and remarket. We take care to implement the right strategies and to optimize the content so as to increase the email opening rate, as well as the impact on your target audience.

Each client is unique hence for each client, the Performance Marketing solution proposed by Danco Vision is devised separately and is entirely customized!

Choose the Performance Marketing services from the Danco Vision 360° Agency for guaranteed success.


Generate awareness for your brand through

Facebook Ads & Google Display

Draw attention with targeted and unique content through

Social Media Marketing

Be the first hit in your leads’ searches through campaigns on

Google Search Ads

Generate brand trust and a strong image using

Content Marketing

Make your message known and your promotions visible through Video and 

YouTube Ads

Use the power of your partners and benefit from the potential of

Affiliate Marketing

Performance Marketing PORTFOLIO

See the
Performance Marketing case studies

Danco Vision projects for Performance Marketing and Conversion Rate Optimization come with impressive numbers. Here are just a few examples, from industries such as Gambling, Retail, eCommerce, Fashion, Health, Travel and B2B.