Serus Auto

The success story of Serus started in 1991 in a garage in Bucharest and has constantly evolved and transformed into a multipurpose business, which ensures a strong presence on the Romanian car market of new vehicles, used cars, service and spare parts for the Renault, Dacia and Nissan brands.

The challenge?

A more visible online presence of the brand in a very competitive market, with creative competitors in the digital world and a more sustained communication with car enthusiasts about the news and offers of the Renault, Dacia and Nissan brands.

The solution?

Danco Vision experience in the digital area and the 360 0 approach allowed us to develop a complex and unified strategy that aimed primarily at a refresh in online presence and dedicated communication for individual customers and business entities, respectively. We staked the team’s skills and the appropriate techniques to achieve our goals.

Web development

The main website and those dedicated to each car brand represented have received a substantial refresh, being updated from a technical point of view and having a consistent design. Everything has been designed for a smooth and easy navigation, which ensures users an efficient digital experience. The content has been tailored to the needs of customers in the car area, providing relevant and easy-to-access information from all devices.


In a highly competitive market, a strong presence in the search engine results area is an ambitious goal that only an experienced agency like Danco Vision can take on. Constant on-page optimizations and blog content strategy have paid off and put Serus in the top positions on keywords relevant to the car brands it represents.


The 3600strategy performance marketing component for Serus determined the types of PPC campaigns to set. The brand has become faster and more targeted to the desired public, making the most of Google and Facebook tools. With well-established campaigns and the appropriate budgets, we’ve raised Serus awareness and generated the conversions needed for any business.

Social media

In the case of Serus, the Social Media channels must respond to an informed public regarding the car industry in general and the Renault, Dacia and Nissan brands. Optimized strategies have been established for each platform, with engagement and conversion targets. If the Facebook page points out the news brought by each car brand in the portfolio and presents technical information about the models, the Instagram account was designed to communicate the experimental and cool side of cars. It proposes a continuous journey, focused on the visual, meant to inspire young public, whether or not they are passionate about cars.

A special moment in the history of Serus Auto – 30 years of continuous activity on the car market – was marked by a campaign of special posts, in which the past and the present met to highlight the evolution.

The outcomes?

The 3600 approach allowed us to outline and implement an effective strategy for the digital area. The permanent dialogue with the customer has determined the harmonization of the communication and promotion directions with the business goals, and at this moment the progress is obvious and shows the trend that we will continue in this project with one of the most important players in the Romanian car market.


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