Get’s Bet

Get’s Bet is one of the main players on the betting market in Romania. With a strong presence in the country due to physical agencies, they also have an important online betting and casino component, positioning themselves as a professional, reliable and dynamic brand, and for them the player always comes first.

The challenge?

Get’s Bet wanted to raise their online brand awareness as well as to increase the conversions expressed through First Time Deposits and Registrations, of course. But how can these goals be achieved with substantially lower budgets compared to those of the big competitors in the industry?

The solution

Thanks to the international experience on the iGaming market, and to the acquired know-how, we decided to start with a 360ostrategy, where our technical skills and the communication unit can make up for the smaller promotion budgets. This involved resorting to a wider range of services to meet the set goals:

Social Media

The first step in growing the brand was to create a community around it. We wanted to approach both sport fans, who refer to Get’s Bet like to a professional, and those for whom casino games are an experience that goes beyond the mere notion of “luck”. Pursuing goals such as the reach, engagement and, of course, conversions, we created a series of editorial routines suitable for Facebook and Instagram, where the content plays several roles: to inform, to educate, to entertain and to belong entirely to Get’s Bet. We managed to do it by integrating the brand name into different types of posts: Get’s Lucky, Get’s Responsible, Get’s the Training orGet’s the Win. Everything was doubled by careful monitoring and reporting to improve results.


Navigating the restrictions on social media ads in this industry can be a challenge, as well as an opportunity to engage our Performance and Creation skills. We thus created a strategy with engagement and website traffic objectives – in casino and sports betting, while also aiming to convert as many users as possible. We therefore developed all the creative materials, banners and texts, which we designed 360o in accordance with the remaining online and offline communication. We also proposed and developed prompt campaigns (Black Friday/Christmas) to refresh the communication.

SEO: On-Page and Off-Page (Link Building)

No 360o strategy is complete without the SEO component which, among other things, ensures the monthly maintenance of the website. This includes constant improvements based on algorithms, competitors and relevant keywords, which are more dynamic than ever due to the user behavior. We make sure that, in addition to the SEO technical part, we develop current informative content, which can also serve as a reference point for sports betting or casino enthusiasts. In addition to that, the Link Building component helps in increasing the website relevance in search engines, through targeted and valuable issues in reputable, carefully selected publications.


Since any prompt campaign needs a promotional Landing Page, we can’t say “no” to developments that require our experience and attention. From design and content, where appropriate, to the front-end part that must be platform-compatible and user-friendly, we make sure that the results of our work will always exceed the expectations.

Digital PR

Big gains, like good news, are worth sharing. And whenever the customer wants to share their news, we deal with the press releases and the selection of publications that could carry the Get’s Bet stakeholders’ message forward.

The results?

They do not take long to appear, especially when we team up both with all the departments internally, and with the customer externally. Thus, we continue to prove that, thanks to a 360o strategy, and to a global vision, you can achieve digital success, and build an important community around the brand. Even with a smaller budget, compared to an industry where big figures have their say.


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