NOVA Power and Gas

Nova Power & Gas is a 100% Romanian capital company which produces and supplies energy. Part of the E-INFRA group, together with Electrogrup, Direct One and Netcity, it took the first steps in the supply of electricity and natural gas in 2007, for business customers. Today, with the liberalization of the energy market, Nova also aimed to reach household customers.

The challenge?

Transforming a company present especially locally, in Cluj-Napoca, into a national brand with B2C addressability, able to compete with large international corporations, which dominated the Romanian energy market.

The solution?

We have put up all the know-how gained over the years in the area of digital marketing and we have created an integrated, unitary strategy, as we know best, i.e. 360o. We audited the platforms we used, we set goals, the most important of which was to increase the conversion rate expressed through contracts signed exclusively online, and we put together all the techniques and tools to help us achieve all the goals we set.


Since the website was created to address B2B consumers, it had to be completely redesigned to better meet the needs of household customers. That’s why we made sure that custom developments were in place, using the latest technologies and programming languages, to integrate the consumer computer. Its role was essential, both to show the user the savings they could make if they opted for a Nova offer of natural gas or electricity supply, and to facilitate the 100% online contracting process.


With a user-friendly and responsive website, there are also the SEO optimizations to make it a landmark in search engines. The biggest challenge was migrating the website from the domain to, without losing rankings. The technical parts were followed, of course, by a content strategy for both the internal blog and the link building part. Based on an extended keyword mapping, we have targeted both our own keywords and the keywords of the competition, to generate, in a smart and natural way, more organic traffic that will increase the conversion rate of this channel.

Social Media

Creating a community around the brand was another important step in our 360ostrategy. Since the Nova Power & Gas public was divided into household and business customers, we chose to adapt our communication, depending on the platform, in order to best meet the interests and needs of customers.

Thus, for Facebook and Instagram, we proposed in a more friendly tone the creation of editorial routines, through which to inform and explain the myths around the idea of changing the provider, to generate engagement, but also conversions.

Instead, on Linkedin we approached a tone of voice adapted to professionals, in which we aimed in particular at familiarizing them with the services and support provided by Nova.


Another key component of the 360o strategy was the performance marketing part, which included the affiliate marketing area. Through a carefully thought out strategy, we made sure to create campaigns on Google and Facebook platforms that would bring a maximum number of conversions based on the budget used. The search campaigns, brand protect, reach, look alike or remarketing, carefully monitored and optimized, helped us to generate notable increases, from one month to another, and up to 100%.

E-mail marketing

Although many underestimate the power of email marketing, it is one of our favorite tools. From surveys that help us find out what consumers think about marketing improvements, to presenting and promoting Nova offers, to important wishes and communications, newsletters have played an important role in growing the brand.

Creation: Copywriting & Art Direction

A unitary, 360 o declined communication concept is the secret that gives coherence to the actions and services we offer, even if some are technical in nature. Why? Because, regardless of the platform on which the user meets the brand, they will get in touch with similar messages – part of the same idea – that will lead them to a desirable action, be it engagement, signing a contract, or subscribing to the newsletter.

Thus, we “translated” and communicated the idea of good energy that Nova provides by the fact that it helps you to have the life you want (no matter what this means for the household consumer).

Applying a 360o,multi-channel strategy, we aimed to create dedicated campaigns and brand activations that would achieve the general objectives such as: raising brand awareness, creating a Nova favorable attitude among consumers and last but not least, generating traffic to the website and increasing the conversion rate.

Thus, we proposed and implemented, from A to Z, a series of integrated communication actions, which went beyond the digital sphere and represented good promotion opportunities. Among the most important are:

– Video content through which we created a tutorial for changing the supplier and an explanatory video on the liberalization of the natural gas market.

– Newsletter subscription contest with CSR component, conducted through a separate Landing Page, in order to increase the Nova database.

– Video testimonials created and filmed with real people, for promotion in Pay Per Click and Social Media Campaigns.

– Influencer Marketing, a special campaign through which famous bloggers created articles with and about good energy, which they later promoted on Social Media.

– Contest campaign: “Win prizes with good energy”, in order to increase notoriety and positive attitude towards the brand. It took place on a separate Landing Page, for a period of 2 weeks, with a simple mechanism, in which consumers were encouraged to upload a picture with the things and activities that give them good energy. The campaign was a real success, with positive feedback from consumers and thousands of single sign-ups.

Although there may be a lot more to tell, one thing is for sure: our 360o approach proved to be a winner, from pitch to goals.


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