Doxa Gardens

Doxa Gardens – find the perfect place to call home in the newest premium residential complex in the capital that promises comfort, elegance and refinement. In the Doxa Gardens complex you benefit from all the facilities and you are connected to the urban infrastructure of Bucharest.


Before creating a website we always try to understand the needs of the customer and the goals they want to achieve. And the challenge of this project was to create a simple, attractive website that would catch the user’s attention from the first interaction, as when they walk for the first time in their future home. Step by step, we managed to outline a quality, easy to use and elegant website, with features adapted to current technology, so that it is responsive and user-friendly.

Visual identity

A website is considered good quality if the design is as attractive as the content. And the first step in shaping the brand identity was to design a unique logo and integrate it into the website layout.

Website design

When we design a project, we conceive it as if we were website visitors and potential customers. So the design of the website, as well as the structure, must be easy to understand and use. The first impression is very important, so on your first visit to the website, you will be greeted by an elegant and interactive slideshow and a simple structure, with a well-structured, intuitive menu, with easy access to relevant information. We have created pages dedicated to every important aspect in choosing a house, from the presentation of the buildings, to the advantages and their construction method.

Because it’s a real estate project, the location is a very important aspect in the presentation of the services, so we introduced a dynamic map with the location of the residential complex and its neighborhoods.

The access to theDoxa Gardens website can be done from any device, because we have facilitated the access of visitors to the information presented in the new website, regardless of the device. We want everyone who accesses the website for the first time to have a pleasant experience, the upload to be quick, and the images to be displayed properly.

Online promotion

Social Media is of major importance in the way a business develops, so once the communication objectives are set, we have created a communication strategy that aims to increase brand visibility and recognition.

And because we want to catch as easily as possible the attention of potential users who are looking for a new property, we have implemented Facebook Ads campaigns using persuasive messages, which have increased website traffic and brand popularity.

Visit Doxa Gardens website and tell us what you think about your experience with it. We are always open to your suggestions, so we can improve every day!