Cube Medica

Cube Medica is an accredited manufacturer and distributor of medical equipment and supplies made to the highest standards of quality and safety. The product range is available globally, with prompt delivery of requested quantities and after-sales advisory services.

The challenge

The entering of a new brand in a specialized market with strict standards is always a challenge. From creating the visual identity, establishing the branding strategy, sketching the web design elements, every step was designed to build a credible and strong player in the market of medical equipment manufacturers and suppliers. The specificity of this sector places great emphasis on reputation and quality, including the online interface.


Establishing a visual identity involves finding that balance between the harmony of visual elements and relevance to the target public. The business model of Cube Medica is a B2B, so the demands are high, especially when it comes to a business partner with no history. The first impression is very important, the visual identity being also the first element with which potential customers interact. The solution chosen by the Danco Vision team of copywriters places the brand in the optimal area of interest and aligns the elements of visual identity with the strategy developed initially.

Bilingual website

The opening of Cube Medica to other markets than the local one involved the development of a platform with a domain in Romanian and an international one, in English. The menu is clean, intuitive and airy, allowing users to quickly access relevant information. The European or international certifications required for the production of medical equipment and supplies are a point of interest for potential customers, so the Cube Medica website highlights them distinctly.

Each product in the Cube Medica range has a dedicated page, with technical features and recommended environments for use. The shopping area allows easy placement of orders, with customization options where the product allows it. Accessing the Cube Medica website from any mobile device is a natural requirement, obviously checked by the web development team.

Social media

The visibility of the Cube Medica brand was increased through the optimal Social Media channels for the type of activity and the established business objectives and the messages succeeded in creating a relevant community around the brand.

SEO optimization

The race for the top positions in search engines is an endurance one, and the pressure of the results is high. However, the team of SEO specialists from Danco Vision has the experience of such strategic campaigns, managing to complete the analysis on keywords and optimizing the content of the website, in order to achieve the objectives of organic growth.

Visit the Cube Medica website and tell us what you think about your experience with it. We are always open to your suggestions, so we can improve every day!