Clinica Eminescu 100

Clinica Eminescu 100 – the most modern multidisciplinary medical clinic in Bucharest, offers its patients high quality medical services, diagnoses and personalized treatments. 22 specializations and 20 years of experience are the basis for treating each case to help patients regain their health and adopt a healthy and physically and emotionally balanced lifestyle.

The challenge

As more and more people are getting their information online in this digital age, the challenge was to establish a connection between the Clinica Eminescu 100 and its patients, offering them a pleasant medical experience. Our mission was to give our client an online voice that inspired confidence and trust to future patients.

The mission of the Clinica Eminescu 100 portal is to inform the public, to educate them and to offer each patient a complete medical experience, at a new level of efficiency.

Therefore, from the creation of the visual identity, to the creation of the website and continuing with the communication in the online medium, we aimed to ensure a top position in the digital world for the brand and a constant and substantial increase in website traffic.

Visual identity

Following a creative brief, our copywriters managed to innovate in terms of brand name and logo, to the entire visual design of the website, by creating a layout as clean as possible, with a color palette according to the field of activity.

Website design

The website designed by our team involved the development of a modern, user-friendly presentation platform with a very well-organized structure, so that website visitors can find all the information they need as quickly as possible.

And because over 50% of user interactions are generated by mobile devices, we’ve adapted the website to all devices, resolutions, and browsers.

The design of the website is intuitive and modern, bringing together all the information about the services offered. And because the purpose of the website is to convert visitors to the website into potential customers, we have implemented an easy-to-use contact form through which they can make an appointment online for one of the clinic’s services.

Being such a complex field of activity, we put a lot of emphasis on quality and informative content to ensure effective communication between the brand and the potential customer, because written information is the only way in which website visitors can be informed about the services offered by the brand.

Online promotion

Once the brand objectives were set, we defined the style of communication and developed an effective communication strategy for all online channels where potential customers are present. Whether it’s video, text or multimedia content, Social Media is a complex communication tool, with a major importance on how the business develops. What did we pursue through the online promotion? To increase the popularity of the brand, to create a relationship between the brand and potential customers and to increase the traffic on the website.

SEO implementation and optimization

For SEO implementation and optimization, everything revolves around keywords, because through them, users reach the desired services or products. To get the top position on Google, our team first identified the keywords used on the website and made a thorough analysis to determine which ones perform best and which ones organically increase the number of visitors to the website. A unique, enriched and relevant content is a real asset to an optimized website, therefore in order to be considered quality content in the eyes of Google, it needs to be keyword-based, informative and easy to navigate.

Visit the website of Clinicii Eminescu 100 and tell us what you think about your experience with it. We are always open to your suggestions, so we can improve every day!