What did the client want?

Being an international client, Wunderino was a real challenge for the SEO department. The client wanted, first of all, an increase in organic traffic and the number of organic registrations, but also a top 5 ranking in Google, on certain highly competitive keywords, with a search volume exceeding 12,000 searches.

What was our solution?

It all started with a series of preliminary analyzes, based on which the SEO strategy was established. Thus, the markets of Germany and Japan were analyzed, then a collection of keywords relevant to the customer’s business was compiled, followed by the identification of data about competitors that helped the team correctly estimate the level of effort required to achieve the objectives. The next preliminary step was a technical analysis of the website, from a SEO point of view. During this step, the team used a professional SEO tool to access the website’s pages and register relevant SEO parameters. A relevant SEO strategy also involves analyzing data from the Google Search Console and Google Analytics, which has the role of identifying opportunities for optimization and possible technical lockouts, which prevent the search engine from indexing the website correctly. The most important element in compiling the strategy was the last one, which represented the client’s business objectives. Thus, it was essential to direct the effort towards product categories with a good commercial margin, availability and competitive price.

Our actions: 

– Visibility ads – Google Display;
– Conversion ads – Google Search;
– Smart retargeting campaigns;
– Search engine optimization;
– Copywrite for own blog;
– Website Product Management.

The result?

Better ranking, more searches, more visitors!
The SEO campaign was a success. Each month, the client saw an increase in organic traffic, became more and more visible, and more and more visitors registered on the website.