Unibet.com is one of the largest online sports betting websites in the world, offering a variety of types of games for millions of users.


Creating at least 15 Unibet mini-websites for better search engine rankings, both locally and internationally. The challenge was to keep in mind that UniBet is a large entity that has been developing and implementing SEO strategies for many years, and, therefore, it was all the more interesting for us to come up with solutions that bring impactful results.

Web development

A mini-website refers to a one-page website through which Unibet aimed to direct potential customers to a particular offer. Unlike traditional websites, these mini-websites are made up of a single website that uses a direct marketing approach. The Danco Vision team was tasked with creating 15 mini-websites for Unibet, and the project was completed successfully and in a timely manner.

SEO optimization

SEO On-page and Off-page optimization have improved the ranking of the website in search engines. In order to get a better position on Google, Danco Vision experts conducted a complex analysis, the results being the most relevant keywords, elements that can organically increase the total number of visitors to the website.

Online PR strategies

A well-known brand has a quality image that consolidates, over time, a better reputation. In this way, we have provided external public relations services for Unibet, along with well-known bloggers who are in touch with the brand’s identity. Along with awareness, another goal of PR campaigns is to strengthen SEO for better search engine placement.