The customer wanted a presentation website that describes the modern services and technical solutions they offer, through the original content and an accessible and user-friendly interface.

We started with a WordPress template, over which we came up with custom layouts and rewrote the HTML implementation. We opted for the dynamic elements and we supported the synthesis of the information in the most concise and accessible way possible to the user. Also, we could not omit the introduction of usability and call-to-actions elements.

SEO optimization

SEO On-page optimization has improved the website’s presence in search engines. In order to gain a better position on Google, the Danco Vision team conducted a complex analysis, resulting in the optimization of the most relevant keywords, elements that contribute to the organic growth of the total number of visitors to the website.

Also, in addition to creating contentaccording to the SEO rules, we worked on the realization of the multi-language functionality, this being a bilingual site. The results began to appear in a relatively short time, in less than 6 months, which brought satisfaction to both parties.