Mon Amour

Mon Amour – The most luxurious and prestigious erotic massage salon in Romania


The challenge was to build a brand image that inspires security and trust, the branding strategy targeting all aspects of the company’s identity, from web design to communication on social channels.

Starting with the construction of the website and continuing with the increase of the brand visibility through online promotion, we aimed at the constant increase of the website traffic and drawing customers.

Multi-language Website and Web Design implementation

The website created by the Danco Vision team involved the development of a user-friendly, multi-language (in Romanian, English and Hebrew), intuitive and modern platform, so that all information is as easy as possible for the customer to find in many languages. Of course, the website is responsive, so that the user can access it at any time from the mobile. In terms of design, the aim was to create a layout as clean as possible, modern, with a color palette and a style in accordance with the company’s field of activity.

Social Media

Through extensive digital marketing strategies developed for Facebook, we aimed to increase the visibility of the brand in the online. The various posts on Facebook, presenting all the services, visibly increased the traffic on the website and, implicitly, the number of customers.

SEO optimization

Search engine optimization has made the website one of the first searches on Google. In order to get the top position on Google, our specialists made an extensive analysis after which they chose the most relevant keywords, which organically increase the number of visitors to the website.

Online PR Strategies

An extensive branding process involves the formation of a tailor-made image that leads to a good reputation. For this purpose, we offered the customer external PR services, together with bloggers to present the services in the parlor. Over time, PR campaigns have proven to be extremely effective. Moreover, both internal and external articles improve SEO and put the website in a better position in Google.