Engino Toys

Engino Toys brought to Romania a very special system of construction games that would stimulate the creativity of the little ones through educational and, at the same time, fun activities. Their goal is to combine utility with pleasure and prepare children for a bright future in a world increasingly focused on technology.


Our customer wanted a strong online presence, so we unified two presentation websites and implemented a complete online store system in order to promote the complex products of our beneficiary. In this regard, we have introduced features such as: online payment system, shipping, billing, extended instructions for each product, along with 3D instructions to make it easier for users to adapt to the product.

Promotion on Social Media

Subsequently, we transposed the promotion on Social Media channels, from Facebook to Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube. There we managed to form a community that we can inform through educational content that is easy for all users to assimilate. The aim was to raise awareness of the importance of educating children according to new procedures that are much more effective than traditional ones. We did this with even more passion as we identified with our customer’s cause and we managed to pass this mentality on to other users as well.

SEO optimization

Search engine optimization has made the website one of the first searches on Google. In order to get the top position on Google, our specialists made an extensive analysis after which they chose the most relevant keywords, which organically increase the number of visitors to the website.

Visit the Engino Toys website and tell us what you think about your experience with it. We are always open to your suggestions, so we can improve every day!