Casa cu lenjerii

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Casa cu Lenjerii is an online store dedicated to beautiful decorations and fine fabrics for all of your home needs. In the Casa cu Lenjerii ( there are only bed linen woven with natural cotton fiber and dyed with stable dyes to preserve the intensity of color and glow.

Achieved a Click Through Rate of 0.09% generating a number of new sales
In the first month of activity the Cost Per Action was reduced by 20%
Return on Investment of 272%
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The main challenge, was to combat the large bounce rate, that the company was dealing with. Following analyze phase, we identified the reasons, why the users were leaving the website, immediately, right after accessing it: visits from the mobile devices and lower interest coming from men. In order to fix the problem, and convert visitors into real customers, we developed strategies of online campaigns, providing optimization of conversion rates and consultancy.

This is what we've done

Business consultancy services (eBusiness Consulting)

Danco Vision team, specialized in web design and development services, offered the business consulting business to optimize the conversion rate. The necessary changes to the website included product placement in categories in a logical and hierarchical way, simplifying order placement, and tips on developing a responsive website.

Shortly, in order to decrease the bounce rate, we simplified the architecture of the website, keeping the entire set of functionalities, offering in this way to the user, a friendly interface and a pleasant experience on the website.

Facebook Ads complete campaigns

After all the changes in the website were done, SEM specialist team, developed advertising strategies in the social media, in order to build communities that are relevant to the client. Facebook Ads Conversion campaigns, have led to attracting new clients and in the same time, generate conversions. In order to increase the traffic on the website, and also, to define the target group clearer, a series of Website Clicks campaigns have been made.

Successfully combining the general target the the remarketing one, Facebook Ads Engagement campaigns, had really good results, for both, client fidelity and also, the engagement and awareness, following potential new clients. To create a closer and customized relationship between brand and customers, Facebook Ads Lead Generation campaigns have been developed. These are aimed at populating a customer database for later use in e-mail marketing campaigns for loyalty.

Google Adwords

The experts team, certified in Google Adwords and Google Analytics, developed, an advertising strategy, related to the company's products and online shop structure. In Google AdWords Search campaings, the team aimed quality and resistance of all the products from the, choosing the most relevant keywords. In order to improve the visibility and the traffic on the website, there was developed a series of Google Adwords Display campaigns.

Google Adwords campaigns

Containing only Google Adwords and Google Analytics specialists, our team created Adwords campaigns, connected to the website's structure, a successful practice for Search campaigns. Guessing all the user's needs, Dynamic Search campaigns, have led to relevant results, increasing the conversion rate in Adwords. Adding on the list, also Remarketing, we managed to convert simple visitors , into real customers on the website. For awareness, both Dynamic Display, and Remarketing campaigns were setup.

Online PR campaigns

External PR campaigns, are extremely useful, in order to improve a business activity, reaching multiples scopes: SEO, awareness, the development of brand's image in the online environment. The PR team moderates the relationship with bloggers and online influencers, building solid values, on which the brand can rely on. Moreover, the external connections, helps the increase of the website's visibility in the online environment.

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4.19% CTR

40% less CPA

172% ROI

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