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Knauf is a manufacturer of internationally renowned building materials. Our client wanted a complex website that combines a 100% personalized platform and a comprehensive database for better back-end management.



The challenge was to build the website according to the German design model, but with functionalities tailored to the current technology, so as to be responsive and user-friendly.
Later, we've been working on adding products and systems to the recipient. Intensive documentation was needed, as these presented particularities and required a high level of technical attention.


Technical Elements:

We had to introduce a dynamic map with distributor positioning, add a catalog of products that constantly updated through a visualization tool directly into the site, and at the same time work on a design that will fit all into one as efficiently as possible.



We have adapted the original content to the most effective SEO rules, norms designed to position the customer as high as possible in the search engine hierarchy, and optimized product pictures, making a graphic adaptation to the site's design.


Filtering products:

In terms of filtering systems, we have implemented an advanced system that includes Knauf categories, subcategories, and products. Besides, you could not miss an advanced and intuitive search engine that always delivers relevant results.
Subsequently, we have added technical sheets and intuitive tables that are available to users for greater clarity regarding the use of Knauf products. For this purpose, we have implemented a system for displaying products that are compatible with those that the user has already viewed on the site.

The homepage contains a cross-sectional navigation system and a Macromedia that allows browsing by categories and subcategories. Authentication is differentiated according to the type of user, both in the administration interface and on the website.

Thus, our client's website has all the features necessary to represent at the highest level a reputable brand and to strengthen a positive image in the online environment.

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