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Mon Amour - The most luxurious and prestigious erotic massage saloon in Romania, Mon Amour is located in the center of Bucharest. From relaxing massage to sauna and jacuzzi, the customers experience a large range of unique services.


The main challenge was the process of building a brand image that can inspire safety and confidence. The strategy was targeting all the criteria related to the company's identity, from web design to communication on social channels. Starting with the development of the website and going further with the process to increase the visibility, through online advertising, we followed the constant traffic growth on the website.

Website Multilanguage and Web Design implementation

The website built by the Danco Vision team assumed the development of a user-friendly platform, multilanguage (in Romanian, English, and Hebrew). We designed the site to be easy to use and have a modern feel because the website was designed using a multilingual platform, the information about the parlor is much easier for clients to find. The website is also very responsive, users should be able to access it anytime from any device. Secondly, in terms of design, the team implemented a new clean layout, with a color palette related to the main activity of the domain of the company.  

Social Media

By using complex digital marketing strategies, specially developed for Facebook, we experienced general improvement of the brand visibility in the online environment. All the diverse posts from Facebook, presenting the company's services, improved the traffic on the website and at the same time the total number of clients.  

SEO Optimization

The optimization for the search engines has improved the website's position on Google. In order to get a top ranking position on Google, our experts, have made a complex analysis and following the results of this analysis, they chose the most relevant keywords. Due to this, the number of visitors increases daily.

Online PR strategies

A complex branding process involves the formation of an image identity that can lead to a better reputation. Following this, we offered to Mon Amour, external PR services, together with bloggers that can promote the saloon's services. Over time all the PR campaigns have proved to be very efficient. More than that, both, internal and external articles, improved the SEO and places the website on a better position in Google.

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