Many of us have heard at least once of the infamous Crypto Punks NFT collection. Today, we are here to talk about its distant relative, the Tiny Punks NFT collection.


These NFTs were some of the earliest tiny non-fungible tokens on Ethereum, and they served as inspiration for the ERC-721 standard that now powers most digital art and collectibles. Want to discover more? Keep reading & enjoy!

How many Tiny Punks NFT assets are out there?


With the Tiny Punks NFT collection, it seems that you’re not just getting another digital asset – you’re getting 3,333 thoughtfully designed and randomly generated NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain. But that’s not all!


As a holder, you’ll also get to participate at exclusive events like: NFT claims, raffles, giveaways and much more. To get a better picture of this project’s evolution, let’s take a closer look at its roadmap!

Ownership rights


This roadmap will provide clarity for the team’s goals with their Tiny Punks NFT collection and where they plan to take it. Based on what is mentioned, they have a lot of great ideas in progress. You own the intellectual rights to your Tiny Punk’s image only if you have purchased that particular NFT. You may then use said image however you wish, so long as it is noncommercial while you still possess the NFT.


Any usage of the image for commercial purposes requires written approval from the team behind Tiny Punks. Note that ownership of a Punk’s IP does not apply over exclusive rights to all Tiny Punks marks, logos or other art. These elements remain property of the creators and their commercial exploitation, so without prior consent on their part, it would be a case of copyright infringement.



Future developments and benefits


The team is working on a staking mechanism that will allow you to earn an ERC20 cryptocurrency. You’ll be able to stake your NFTs from the main collection or any of the other three collections. More information will follow, but keep in mind that this is a long-term endeavor.


The plan is to take a snapshot of the current ETH holders and allow them to claim one or more loot boxes filled with prizes, discount deals, whitelist spots for other projects and even some NFTs. Tiny Punks NFT assets will be listed on the major rarity sites such as Rarity Tools after the drop. They’ll begin the process of being verified on OpenSea as well.


Where could you get a Tiny Punks NFT?


There are many things that can go wrong with a project like this. It can be quite difficult to predict how it will turn out, but we believe that this project has potential and it could have a bright future ahead of it.


Nevertheless, you must make your own decision. Invest in the NFTs of your choice, if you consider that you can afford that kind of expense.


Which wallets are supported?


The developers suggest using MetaMask, which can be found on the website with the same name. They support both browser plugins and mobile apps. WalletConnect, which is integrated in the system, supports a variety of wallets.


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