Fornetti Romania is a pioneering bakery company that has revolutionized the market with its frozen and prebaked products. As a dominant player in the industry, Fornetti boasts over 800 stores across 230 cities in Romania and has expanded its reach to over 20 countries within a decade. This remarkable growth is a testament to Fornetti’s commitment to quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction.

The challenge?

Adapting and appealing to Generation Z in Romania, a demographic highly active on social media and known for its distinct preferences and behaviors.

The solution?

We leveraged our deep understanding of digital marketing to craft a strategy that resonates with Generation Z. Our approach was predominantly focused on creating content that is not only amusing but also aligns with the latest trends and jokes popular among this age group.

Social Media Strategy

Recognizing the importance of engaging with Generation Z where they spend most of their time, we tailored our social media efforts to be both entertaining and relevant. The bulk of our humorous content was developed for TikTok, where we embraced a user-based content strategy. This approach facilitated a genuine connection between users and the Fornetti brand, making it relatable and enjoyable.

Through our creative and engaging content, Fornetti Romania distinguished itself as a fun and approachable brand within the competitive food sector. Our advertising efforts were centered around being customer-centric, effectively resonating with our target audience and leading to significant brand recognition, particularly on TikTok. This platform became a key driver in appealing to Gen Z, significantly enhancing Fornetti’s brand popularity among this demographic.


To complement our social media strategy and further amplify Fornetti Romania’s visibility among Generation Z, we employed a comprehensive Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising strategy. This approach was meticulously designed to target potential customers with precision, maximizing the impact of our advertising spend and ensuring that Fornetti’s message reached its intended audience at the right time and place.

Objectives and Strategy

Our primary objective was to create a unique and memorable online brand identity for Fornetti. This involved consistent messaging, a cohesive visual style, and a clear brand voice across all digital platforms, establishing a robust digital footprint.

We aimed to develop interactive and engaging content to foster a strong community around the Fornetti brand. By implementing user-generated content initiatives and contests, we sought to deepen our relationship with existing customers and attract new ones.

Looking ahead, our strategy for the year focuses on dual objectives: consolidating our current market position and broadening our reach. We are keen on capturing the attention of Generation Alpha, extending our strategies beyond digital to weave stories that echo our consumers’ experiences. Our narrative emphasizes the joy and spontaneity Fornetti brings into daily life, aiming to connect with our audience on a personal level and enhance their engagement with our brand.

The outcomes?

Fornetti Romania’s presence on both Facebook and Instagram experienced significant growth, a testament to our strategic planning and the universal appeal of our campaigns. From September to December, a period rich with celebrations and seasonal milestones, we launched a series of campaigns that not only captured the essence of each holiday but also deeply resonated with our audience. The success of these campaigns highlights the power of aligning content with cultural and seasonal events, fostering engagement and strengthening community ties.

The tailored approach to each platform contributed to our overall success. On Instagram, our visually appealing content, complemented by effective hashtag strategies, significantly increased our reach and engagement. Facebook, with its emphasis on community and sharing, facilitated deeper interactions, allowing our campaigns to resonate broadly and foster a sense of belonging among our followers.

The combined impact of these campaigns across Facebook and Instagram not only showcased the versatility and appeal of our content but also underscored the importance of a multi-platform strategy in today’s digital age. Our ability to weave seasonal themes with the interests of our audience led to a notable increase in engagement, followers, and brand affinity.

Creative concepts

Through creative concepts, engaging content, and strategic advertising efforts, including PPC, we sought to not only highlight Fornetti’s range of bakery products but also to embed the brand into the daily lives and special moments of our customers.

Each campaign was thoughtfully designed to resonate with specific segments of our audience, leveraging a mix of storytelling, social media engagement, and interactive elements to create meaningful connections:

 #ForYou Campaign

Fornetti’s #ForYou campaign marks a pivotal shift in our social media strategy, placing our customers’ unique preferences and moments at the forefront of our brand narrative. This innovative concept, embodying our commitment to customer-centricity, has seamlessly adapted to various occasions—from school celebrations to International Women’s Day—showcasing our dedication to celebrating the individuality of each Fornetti enthusiast.

The impact of these targeted campaigns has been unmistakable. Not only have we seen a surge in engagement and positive brand sentiment across our digital platforms, but we’ve also forged deeper, more meaningful connections with our audience. The #ForYou initiative has transformed how customers perceive Fornetti, not just as a bakery, but as a brand that truly understands and values their uniqueness.

By continuing to embrace this customer-focused approach, the #ForYou concept not only reaffirms our promise to cater to the diverse tastes of our community but also sets a new standard for meaningful brand engagement in the digital era. Fornetti stands as a testament to the power of putting customers at the heart of every campaign, proving that there’s always something special at Fornetti, just #ForYou.

Mini – the mascot

Fornetti’s introduction of Mini, their beloved mascot, has revolutionized our engagement with the community on social media platforms, endearing hearts and sparking joy among our followers. Mini’s presence has transcended the conventional brand-customer interaction, bringing a unique, relatable character into the daily lives of our audience. Through its adventures, celebrations, and participation in various campaigns, Mini has become more than just a mascot; it embodies the spirit of Fornetti—warm, welcoming, and always ready to spread smiles.

Moreover, Mini’s role in our social media strategy has significantly enhanced brand visibility and loyalty. Her appealing persona has made Fornetti’s messages more relatable and memorable, encouraging more shares, likes, and comments. This increased engagement has broadened our reach, introducing Fornetti to new audiences while deepening our connection with existing customers.