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Audit and e-Commerce consulting

If you have an online website / shop that does not perform the way you want it too, find out what we can do for you!

Full eBusiness analysis

An audit and a complete company analysis, include a research campaign for your site to better understand the field in which you operate.

The starting point for the next step is to correctly determine the position you are currently occupying on the market compared to your competitors.

E-Commerce consulting

A thorough web audit identifies and at the same time rectifies the potential obstacles to the performance of your website and helps consolidate a foundation for your digital marketing efforts. Complete e-Commerce Audit provides detailed design recommendations, content marketing strategies, and a plan that supports the needs and goals of your business. It also allows us to define concrete objectives (KPI's), which play a fundamental role in customizing marketing campaigns and (CROs) and improvement of the conversion rates (CRO).

Effective Web Development Solutions

We work with customers when setting the goals of their online business. Our team of experts uses a complete range of tools, resources and techniques tested in the field for a complete analysis of your business, customers and competition. 


At the end of the analysis and audit, we provide a complete audit report that includes the recommendations we make for the future.

Real-time performance strategy

The information we present in our reports gives you complete transparency, making it a real asset in optimizing your on-going performance strategy.

We monitor the project in real time, record specific interactions of visitors with your site, run A / B Testing campaigns and optimize everything continuously!

Conversion Rate Optimization - CRO

We are prepared to plan projects effectively while optimizing their behavior with the help of technologies.


All our actions are maximized in order to meet the needs of business and business objectives of our customers.

Effective Web Development Solutions

We provide real-time analysis, page analysis, marketing analysis, content audit, competition audit, customer audit, and impact analysis. In our portfolio of activities, we also find the term "personas", which is an effective way to understand the needs of users, while prioritizing the functions and characteristics of a personalized successful strategy. Among the most useful features of our analysis techniques are: custom filters, automated tasks, event tracking, funnel visualization, assisted conversions, visitor flow, reverse goal paths, and many other services, depending on the requirements of the company we collaborate with.

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